Foodhall Signature Ice cream
Foodhall wanted to launch a range of exclusive ice creams. It created blends that were different and exotic. The packaging had to carry Foodhall’s distinct and premium touch and grab eyeballs in a category where there were a plethora of well-loved international brands.
Solution Foodhall’s ice creams have unusual flavours that cater to an evolved taste. We decided to make this discernment the focus of the packaging. The core ingredients for each flavour were reimagined in beautiful abstract patterns and turned into a painting that wrapped the ice cream pack. Evoking celebrated artists’ phases, we named it Foodhall Signature Ice Creams. The packaging turned into exquisite art where there was a lot to discover, just like the unusual flavours. By assigning random numbers, we further built its artisanal mystique.
The ice cream range was launched in all the Foodhall stores across India and became the go-to brand for artisanal ice creams for Foodhall customers. It has become synonymous with premium-ness and evolved taste.
As part of a team at Open Strategy and Design
Creative Director – Ashutosh Karkhanis, Mangesh Rane, Amit Joshi
Copywriter – Vatsala Bisen
Designer – Jenny Seth
Illustration – Arjun Makwana