Main Pragati is a financial learning program by CRISIL Foundation for ruralwomen. Considered complex, 
the program had high entry barriers, and faced the pitfall of being viewed as an outsider that would have few 
or no takers, especially as there are no traditional means of communications available in the interiors.
We created unique illustrations based on local art depicting life’s milestones thatneeded savings: marriage, education, farming and home. We integrated the message into the local’s lives using the revered Assamese cloth, Gamosa as well as cloth bags that were used regularly. These were printed with the unique traditional design and a message that spoke of Mein Pragati, to sustain communication program through the year. The ‘Mitras’ or friends of the program
distributed these.
The illustrations brought a seamlessly local flavour to our message. Mein Pragati’s presence became unmissable 
in the local areas and found easy acceptance because of the visual language that we created.


As part of a team at Open Strategy and Design
Creative Director – Ashutosh Karkhanis, Mangesh Rane, Amit Joshi
Copywriter – Vatsala Bisen
Designer – Arjun Makwana, Jenny Seth
Illustration – Arjun Makwana​​​​​​​